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The act of cultivating generosity stems from a sense of caring, nourishing, improving and enhancing the quality of life.

A firm believer in these principles and a devout follower of the teachings of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda, Dr. H P Kanoria, Chairman of Srei Foundation conceptualised the Srei Foundation to transform the desire for service to humanity into actual practice and it took shape in 2001. Guided by the philosophy that 'Service to the society has always been and will be the guiding star of life', the activities of the Foundation during its initial years were concentrated around community development and social assistance by funding various causes. Srei Foundation, has undertaken several social projects in different areas supporting free education, medical aids, marriages, housing, higher education, health etc.

Dr. H.P. Kanoria, was honoured as the Global Man of the Year at the 3rd Annual Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards presented by We Care For Humanity (WCH) for his unparalleled efforts in numerous fields, held between 5-7th August, 2015 at United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Thus, these gestures were basically need and situation based and therefore ad-hoc in nature. Gradually, the focus shifted towards structuring the philanthropic activities into more sustainable initiatives. This gave birth to iSpark – Holistic Happiness, which is a niche venture in the wellness industry, catering especially to children because we truly belive that these children are the blossoming buds who will be the shapers of a new world.

The Organization

We, at iSpark, are an integrated team of fitness trainers, physiotherapists, nutritionists and counselors. As the children enroll themselves at iSpark, they have a session with a nutritionist who goes through an in depth analysis of their dietary habits. The nutritionist suggests some healthier and alternative options wherever required. We do not emphasize in making a diet plan for the child because after all they are children and following a strict diet plan would be a brutal option for them. Instead we give them a food chart containing healthy as well as unhealthy food options asking them to tick what they have eaten during the week. This sensitizes them towards the kind of food they are reaching out for, gradually making them aware of healthier food options.

Our USP lies in the non-mechanized gym equipments especially designed for children, which has been imported from the United States. As usage of weights and other gym equipments may dampen the growth of the child, the trainer focuses on training them with their own body weight and by using the child friendly gym equipments in a defined way. The therapeutic benefits of the equipments include gross motor skill development, enhanced muscle activation and strengthening of muscles. We also provide Physiotherapy services for pain management, exercise therapy and Rehabilitation for Children.

Apart from this we have collaborated with institutions and organizations, which offer yoga, theatre, story telling, juggling and various activities to stimulate their minds thus focusing on our second parameter "mind". Through our library we try to focus on a very important aspect such as reading which has been much forgotten in this new age of technology. Slowly we attempt to take them to their own inner realms through silence, yoga, chanting, pranayama and introspection, which brings into focus our third parameter "soul." Our Mission in short is to make sure that any child who walks out of iSpark is not just developed in one field but gets horizontally exposure thus making them a ‘Holistic Child’ who is able to achieve great heights in the future.

Come and visit our studio and discover the secret to a Holistic Life, which is worth celebrating!

iSpark Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio

iSpark Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio focusses on simple steps to build a healthy, happy and holistic life.

Diet: Nourish and energise with the right food

Exercise: Move more every day with at least one hour of physical activity

Sleep: Recharge with adequate sleep of 8 hours

Mind: Effectively manage time, prioritise tasks and relax your mind