Team Members


Being the youngest of the lot, he is the so-called ‘Enthu Cutlet’ in the Team. His never-ending smile attracts the young minds towards him. Bubbling with ideas and making sure that execution does not bat an eyelid, is his role in this burgeoning world of iSpark :)


A firm believer in the philosophy that, “Children are God’s own reflection,” Sudha is a fun loving person who loves to interact with children and getting to meet new people.
As the Centre Head, she handles the Centre Operations & Business Development and is backed up with a B.A. in Fine Arts & 20+ years of work experience in management.


A fun-filled person with energy and enthusiasm, ready to impart the same through her Therapy. She, Archana Nandagopal, is a Physiotherapy graduate from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) with a rich experience from a reputed Rehab Centre in Bangalore and a corporate Hospital in Chennai. Now, she helps as a Physiotherapist at iSpark Holistic Fitness Studio, guiding and providing her expertise to Children for their betterment and growth.


Exercise is ‘King,’ Nutrition is ‘Queen.’ Put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom. Trying to establish this ‘Little Kingdom’ for children at iSpark :) is her role as a Nutritionist.
A registered Dietitian with an MPhil Degree in Counseling and Masters in Psychology with 20+ years of experience in Nutrition and Diet Counseling, is what defines Mala.


A man of self-confidence entered the fitness world ten years back and was crowned as Mr. Tamil Nadu. Sprinkling the sugar of motivation to fitness seekers for the past 7 years, taking complete charge of iSpark’s Fitness aspect and of course topped with a Bachelor’s in English and Fitness certification, is what he is all about.


A well-experienced physiotherapist with established knowledge in handling patients according to their ailments and also their psychology.
Achieved awards for her work in the field of Orthopaedics & Neurology. Currently organizing Physiotherapy regimes for children at iSpark in congruence with the fitness aspects.


As the Marketing Executive his role is to work along side the Business Developer & to help create a healthy marriage between the finance and marketing departments.
His dedicated efforts protect the business from any discernment and even when clouds cover iSpark with darkness, he’s sure to strike a deal or two!


Sangeetha as our
Admin-coordinator helps in smooth transactions of salary processes, documentation and also acts as a strong bridge between the Management & the Staff.


Exercise isn’t a punishment; it’s a blessing. Nutrition isn’t restrictive; it’s healing.
To inculcate this Holistic Health development within iSpark is the primary focus of our young & energetic junior nutritionist, Aqeela.
She has a B.Sc in Food Management,? Nutrition and Dietetics from Woman’s Christian College, Chennai.


An amalgamation of positivity & buoyancy, Praveena is the admin in-charge at iSpark.
Her love & compassion for children makes her both enjoyable and pleasant.
She has a B.Com Corporate degree from Chennai and also has about 5 years of experience in this field.

Aravind Arnold J